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Kunshan Lab of CSA Group Collaborates with Chroma to Perform Battery Standard Testing Service

Following the recent growth of new energy vehicles and energy storage devices, more and more enterprises have embraced the new energy industry. Among these, development and production of battery cells – as well as the assembly welding of battery packs – attract the most attention. With the increase in safety requirements, Chroma provided battery charge and discharge test equipment and technical support to the Kunshan Lab of CAS (Canadian Standards Association), an organization leading globally in standards development, testing, and certification, for its new battery storage and hazardous environment laboratory. The equipment will be used to verify battery cycle life, simulate working conditions and test capacity, and much more. This facility is expected to promote the reliability and safety development for the battery industry through this collaboration.

About the Equipment

As battery safety issues become prominent, they reveal the importance of quality assurance testing in the development process. In the face of international competition, products in development that are certified by professional third-parties can effectively improve the development process, quality, and stability. Chroma, as a precision electronic test and measurement equipment expert, launched a variety of battery-related testing solutions to increase the efficiency of automated testing in the battery industry. These solutions include the Chroma 17011 Battery Charge and Discharge Test System, a high-precision regenerative charge and discharge system designed specifically for testing lithium battery cells and EDLC with 100A per channel, and support for output up to 1200A current testing when paralleled. The Chroma 17020 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System is equipped with multiple isolated channels and parallel design which provide up to 2600A, support for high-speed working condition simulation, and BMS real-time data collection. In addition, the 17020 can be integrated with a chamber for complex environmental testing on battery modules up to 500V. To cope with increasing test requirements of high-voltage battery packs, the newly launched Chroma 17040 high voltage (1000V) and high power (up to 1500A) battery test system can be used by EV manufacturers, energy storage system providers, and battery module factories that need to comply with environmental requirements. Chroma has built good working relationships with many well-known domestic and foreign testing laboratories and certification testing organizations to expand our verification ability and technology to meet customer demand.

About the companies

The CSA Group, founded in 1919, is one of the most authoritative testing and certification organizations in the global market. The association is dedicated to standards development, testing, and certification by providing measurement and certification services for new energy products, electrical tools, gas appliances, lighting devices, sanitary equipment, electrical equipment, machinery, and many other kinds of products. The CSA Group has more than 3,000 standards, specifications, and derivative products, covering up to 54 technical areas throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Chroma Electronics, established in 1998, is a subsidiary of the Chroma Group in Taiwan with products marketed globally under the brand name “Chroma”. With 30 years of experience in test and measurement instrumentation, Chroma is capable of creating innovative testing solutions for new energy-related industries including electric vehicles, solar energy, and micro-grid energy storage. Especially for the examination of the power and energy storage batteries, Chroma has provided the Regenerative Battery Pack Test Systems for battery cells, battery modules, battery packs, BMS test systems, Battery Packs EOL, and battery simulators.

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