The NSRRC Looks to Chroma to Build Power Supply Systems

Chroma, the leading manufacturer of test and measurement instruments, announces today that it has acquired a multi-million dollar contract with the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) to build ultra high-stability power supplies for their Photon Source.  Chroma will be providing these ultra high-stability power supply systems for use in NSRRC’s world class cutting-edge Synchrotron Light Source within the next two years.

Asia’s first 3rd-generation Synchrotron Light Source in Taiwan has been running for 17 years and utilized extensively in the basic and applied scientific research of material, biochemistry, energy, electronics, microelectromechanical systems and nano science.  In order to meet the increased needs of high synchrotron light sources for cross-field frontier research, NSRRC has planned to build a Taiwan Photon Source with three billion electron volts of electron beam energy, and a circumference of 518 meters by 2014.

The power supply offered by Chroma is an advanced 250A / 30V ultra high-stable ±10 ppm (current stability ±1.25 mA) with high resolution output current control, high efficiency and high power factor, in compliance with energy savings.  Chroma will also be adding the newest remote control technology to monitor the system’s operation.  The power supply will assist the NSRRC to build the world’s brightest synchrotron x-ray source for application in advanced science study and help promote the academic research in Taiwan to achieve top levels in science and technology internationally.

Chroma Systems Solutions
Chroma Systems Solutions

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