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EPTECH Show – Montreal

The Montreal EPTECH show is just around the corner and we would like to invite you to attend!

John Vela will be on hand to show you our new power testing instruments and answer any application questions you may have. If you are unable to attend John Vela is also available to meet with you at your facility Monday, April 4th or Wednesday, April 6th. Our schedules fill up fast so contact John Vela, (905) 821-1094, today!

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How to Use RF Impedance Measurements to Ensure the Quality of Miniaturized Power Inductors

Most high-frequency and miniaturized power inductors are metal molding-type inductors. The magnetic metal powder surfaces are usually treated with an oxide layer to reduce eddy current losses at high frequencies, enhancing the usable frequency range and reducing losses and temperature rising. However, users typically cannot determine the particle size of the magnetic material and the integrity of the oxide layer after molding and sintering through visual inspection alone.

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Leveraging Certificate Management Tools for Comprehensive EVSE Plug & Charge (PnC) Testing

Chroma’s PowerPro 5 software, part of its comprehensive EV test system solution, features a Certificate Management Tool that allows users to load specific certificate files (*.p12, *.pem). Using designated OEM agreements and contract certificates, the software automatically performs public/private key encryption and decryption during the test to achieve the handshake and payment processes required for ISO 15118 PnC testing.

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