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How to Set Your DC Load Modules for 221Amps at 1V in CR Mode

Follow these four steps when setting your Chroma 63640-80-80 DC Load modules for 221Amps at 1V in Constant Resistance Mode:

DC Electronic LoadsStep 1: Set the ALL_RUN Feature to ON it is located in the SETUP menu to access the SETUP menu press the ADVA and ENTER keys simultaneously. This must be set on each of your loads.

Step 2: Set the Range to Low (L) by pressing the RANGE key until the (L) indicator is lit. This must be done on each load.

Step 3: Set the CR Mode by pressing the MODE key until a small CR appears on the Load Display. This must be done on each load.

Step 4: Set the Resistance on loads 1 thru 4 to 0.02Ω then on Load 5 set the ressitance to 0.05Ω.

When paralleling 5 of the 63640-80-80 Loads you will need to set each load individually. You can not use Master/Slave Mode, you will be limited to set the resistor value to 0.01Ω and can’t set the 0.045Ω needed to achieve 221Amps at 1Vdc. Since you want 221Amps you can set (4) of the loads to CRL and 0.02Ω and set one load to 0.05Ω. To synchronize the loads to turn on and off together you can go to SETUP and select ALL_RUN and set it to ON. You will need to set this on each load module. This will give you a total current of approx. 220Amps at 1Vdc. The Loads you have can only be set to 0.01Ω minimum in Constant Resistance Mode Low Range (CRL).

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