Instrument, Automated System Software

Operational software designed for instrument or system configuration, control, and monitoring. Easy to use interfaces with data recording functions.

PowerPro III

Chroma’s 8000 Automated Test System Software Platform

PowerPro III includes extended reporting capabilities, statistic and management functions, various test document generation and system administration. The unique report wizard and generator provide the total solution for any documentation requirement. It allows users to integrate different types of presentations, like tabular test data, DSO waveform and correlation charts in M/S Word format. Users may also edit and store report formats for future use, thus saving time creating test reports. The Statistic function provides off the shelf statistical reporting tools. All the test conditions defined in the test program as well as the test readings can be stored and analyzed by the statistic report function. The report and raw data may be printed out or stored in a file.

Chroma Toolkits

LabVIEW Toolkits for Power Conversion Applications

Designed for both end-users and system integrators, Chroma’s Toolkits consists of prewritten application-specific tests that are scalable to an array of hardware configurations. End-users who prefer to work in LabVIEW and TestStand are provided a single point of support for both software and hardware. System integrators will save time and resources by eliminating the design and development of a new power conversion test routines, rack and stacking equipment, developing documentations, wiring diagrams, BOM’s, etc. with the ease of integration into the users own test executive.

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Software for Instruments

Many of Chroma’s instruments have optional software called softpanels, that are available at the time of instrument sale or for purchase later. These softpanels allow for custom configuration, control, monitoring and reporting. Below are examples of our softpanels.


CaptivATE Software

Create test sequences, capture data, provide bar code scanning of device model and serial number, automatic recall of test setup based upon model number and all data is saved into a database for trending and analysis.

CaptivATE software eliminates the need for the operator to make Pass/Fail judgment, record test results, make process deviation decisions, selection of the proper test, and interface with multiple types of test equipment.

Battery Test Software

Battery Pro Software

Chroma’s Battery Pro test environment supports 17011, 17020 and 17030 using a common software platform.

Battery Charge/Discharge Test Software

Chroma has developed two software modules that integrate a DC power supply and an electronic load for battery pack testing. The Battery Charge/Discharge Testing Software programs the test sequence, loop and stop conditions. The measured voltage, current and power data is recorded in a file for future analysis. The Dynamic Current Waveform Simulation Software records to an Excel compatible file actual discharge current waveforms from the battery and instruct the electronic load to sink the same current. This is used to simulate real world applications and evaluate the battery pack in the lab.

Software for PV Inverter testing

Solar Array IV Curve Simulation Softpanel

The 62000H DC Power Supplies include graphical user interface software through remote digital interface (USB / GPIB / Ethernet / RS232) control. The user can easily program the I-V curve of the 62000H series as well as the I-V & P-V curves for real-time testing. In addition it will display the MPPT status for the PV inverter.