Battery Charge/Discharge Test Software

These screenshot illustrate some of the features of the Battery Charge/Discharge Test Software.


  • Capacity Test
  • Charge/Discharge performance, C-V curve
  • Endurance in Cycles

Users Can Use Battery Charge/Discharge Test Software To

  • Set the charge/discharge test sequences
  • Set the stop conditions and repeat cycles
  • Display the I-V curve and view/export test report when finished

Chroma has developed two software modules that integrate a DC power supply and an electronic load for battery pack testing. The Battery Charge/Discharge Testing Software programs the test sequence, loop and stop conditions. The measured voltage, current and power data is recorded in a file for future analysis. The Dynamic Current Waveform Simulation Software records to an Excel compatible file actual discharge current waveforms from the battery and instruct the electronic load to sink the same current. This is used to simulate real world applications and evaluate the battery pack in the lab.