63200 Firmware Update

Chroma 63200 series electronic loads can be brought up to date by updating firmware when no hardware change has been made. ADLS software is required to do firmware update.

Product Focus: 63472 High Slew Rate DC Electronic Load

Designed for VRM’s, embedded VRD’s and Power Pod testing Static Loading – Power rating: 200W / Voltage range: 0-2V / Current range: 150A Dynamic Loading – Current range: 150A Slew rate: Up to 1000A/µs Dynamic Freq: Up to 1MHz As a result of the exploding increase in CPU complexity according to Moore’s Law, all modern […]

Product Focus: 63200 Series High Power DC Electronic Load

Power Rating: 2600W, 5200W, 6500W, 10400W, 14500W, 15600W Voltage range : 0 ~ 80V / 0 ~ 500V Current range : Up to 1000A CC, CR, CV, CP load modes Master/Slave paralleling control mode, allow synchronous load control under static and dynamic loading mode (Up to 93.6kW) The Chroma 63200 series Electronic DC Loads are […]

Battery Charge/Discharge Test Solutions

Satisfy your Battery Test Requirements such as charge rate, discharge rate, state of charge (SOC), and state of health (SOH), and depth of discharge (DoD) with accuracy in measuring voltage, current, temperature and power both statically and dynamically. DC Impedance Measurement For Battery Cell The battery pack for electric vehicles requires the battery cells be […]

How to Set Your DC Load Modules for 221Amps at 1V in CR Mode

Follow these four steps when setting your Chroma 63640-80-80 DC Load modules for 221Amps at 1V in Constant Resistance Mode: Step 1: Set the ALL_RUN Feature to ON it is located in the SETUP menu to access the SETUP menu press the ADVA and ENTER keys simultaneously. This must be set on each of your […]