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Testing Puts Taiwanese EV Industry In Pole Position

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“Taiwan is positioning itself as a leading supplier of components for electric vehicles (EVs). It is estimated Taiwan’s production of auto electronics for EVs was worth US$3-billion in 2010, and is likely to increase three-fold in the next five years. Estimates from the Rocky Mountain Institute (a US-based research group) last year predict approximately 1 million EVs on US roads by 2015. And this is likely to go up by five times by 2020.”

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Chroma’s New Software Platform Boosts Multi-Coupler EVSE Test Efficiency by 40%

Chroma’s compatibility and functional testing systems for EVSE have already been adopted by a great variety of domestic and foreign testing labs. Many EVSE manufacturers also use our solutions for end-of-line testing in their factories. Besides testing the charging process and safety mechanisms, one of the most important test items for multi-coupler EVSE products is power sharing (load management) testing.

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