Nov 2013

Chroma Introduces a Compatibility Test Solution for Electric Vehicle and EV Supply Equipment (EVSE)

The media recently reported that electric vehicles cannot be charged in public locations due to incompatibility issues, some EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) installed in public locations are not provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle but by secondary manufacturers in the industry. The incompatibility arises from a lack of verification in the communication protocol resulting in a charge failure or other hazardous conditions. This could...

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May 2013

TEC used for Thermal Test of Semiconductors

Semiconductor testing at a wide range of temperatures during manufacturing test, with the DUT operating, was originally considered a Military Grade application. However, with the increase in Mobile devises, and the variety of environments they are used in, The IC’s and Semiconductors require more stringent testing at wider operating temperature ranges. The term Tri-Temp Test is used to describe this test requirement that can range...

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May 2013

Chroma Announces Multiple Phase Power Meters

Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc. releases new precision AC and DC digital power meters designed for multiple phase power measurement applications expanding its line of high speed, high accuracy 66200 series power meters.


Mar 2013

Chroma Contributed Award Winning Indie Short Film Selected for GI Film Festival

Chroma Systems Solutions contributed to the production of the short independent film Dog It Down in Los Angeles, California. The film, set in WWII Pearl Harbor, won Best Short Film at the 2012 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and was recently announced as an official selection for the 2013 GI Film Festival (GIFF) in Washington, DC. The entire film was shot aboard the S.S. Lane...

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Mar 2013

Chroma Sync Hipot Tester Measures Up To 100 Channels Simultaneously

The 19020 was developed with the world's first synchronous Hipot test function allowing one single unit to perform 10 channels sync output and measurements at the same time. A maximum of 10 units can be controlled for 100 channels in total. They can be grouped for output to avoid creating voltage differences. Chroma’s 19020 synchronizes the output signal removing risk of high voltage differences on adjacent DUT’s minimizing any occurrence of error in the test. Taking 5kVac output voltage for example, when the output of Hipot tester is not synchronized, two nearby DUT’s may create a difference of high voltage discharge of up to 14kV peak-peak causing damage to the fixture and erroneous testing.

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