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Automated Test Systems Suited To Your Application

Automated Test Solutions

Chroma Systems Solutions not only designs and supplies Automated Test Systems in Power Supply, Communication, Aerospace, and National Defense industries, but also in alternative energy markets such as Hybrid Automobiles, LED Luminance Devices, Solar, Fuel Cells, and Battery.

Chroma has a wide variety of instrumentation including AC/DC Programmable Power Sources, Electronic Loads and Digital Power Meters that are ideal for power input/output terminal testing and dynamic simulation. In addition to providing individual units for systems, Chroma also develops powerful software platforms that include extensive built-in test programs. Users can edit the test programs to analyze the massive test data for their research, quality assurance of products, and improvement of the manufacturing process.

Systems have been built to test PC/Servo/Telecom Power Supplies, Adapters and Chargers, Backlight Inverters, LED Driver’s, Ballasts for energy saving lamps, UPS’s, PV Inverters and Electric Vehicle Chargers. Chroma Systems Solutions can provide automated test systems and the fabrication of test fixtures simultaneously at our design facility in Southern California. Our highly trained technical service team ensures your system will be supported.

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