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DC Loads Get Exclusive Features

Since the introduction of three exclusive features, more and more Chroma 63600 DC Electronic Loads are chosen by engineers to satisfy their power supply testing requirements. Not surprising…Chroma designs and manufacturers more electronic loads than any other company worldwide.

Constant Impedance (CZ) Mode

For Turn On Capacitive Load Simulation
Chroma’s state of the art design uses DSP technology to simulate non-linear loads using an industry first Constant Impedance mode. Constant Impedance mode or CZ mode improves the loading behavior of constant current and power making the loading current more realistic.

DC Load CZ ModeCZ Mode Diagram

“Some of the Chroma loads feature constant impedance (CZ) operation in addition to the more usual CC, CV, CR, and CP modes. You can specify the values of a series R and L as well as a shunt R and C. The object is to make the loading current more realistic. In this mode, the minimum loading current transient time is 400 µs. The company’s 63800 Series AC and DC Electronic Loads can simulate rectified AC loads with a special RLC mode.”

Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor
Evaluation Engineering, June, 2011

Digitizing Function

For Capturing Transients
Another industry first is our Digitizing Function that makes it very convenient for capturing and recording transients in both voltage and current waveforms. The 63600 DC Electronic Loads are capable of capturing up to 4096 sampling points at a sample rate of 2µs to 40ms.

DC Load Digitizing Function

Three Current Ranges per Load

For Standby Mode Testing
A third, low current operating and measurement range has been designed into the loads to provide solutions for emerging sleep, idle and standby mode testing required by Energy Star consumer electronics. This capability eliminates having to use complex and unique test bench equipment. Ideal for all types of consumer electronics when precision current settings and measurements are required at milliamp and microamp levels.

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